Mouth Guard and Bruxism Appliance

Part of your examination for your checkup is a determination about your teeth and the wear that is present.  We all can have normal wear due to eating or because of how our teeth are aligned, but there is another reason called Bruxism or grinding of the teeth.

Many people know this as a habitual action mostly done at night when sleeping.  It can also occur during work when sitting in front of a computer screen or when at the gym working out or simply when trying to relax watching a sporting event.  It’s a habit like many others, but it is damaging to the teeth.

Stress is commonly associated with increased bruxism.  And in the world today we have many things that can stress us.  But the stress from the world can also put stress on our teeth by wearing down our enamel on the chewing surfaces of our teeth.  Clenching our teeth together is another form of bruxism that can cause enamel wear closer to the root surfaces of the teeth at the gumline called abfraction.  All these areas exposed the inner portion of the teeth causing increased sensitivity.  Additionally, this wear can cause our bite plane to change and insignificant cases can alter the way not only our smile looks, but also our facial features around the mouth. Lastly, bruxism can cause pain in our jaw muscles and even on our TMJ joint.

A custom Bruxism appliance can help reduce all of these issues.  It is made to protect the teeth from wearing down, help minimise tooth sensitivity, and decrease the muscle pain associated with grinding.  Some call this appliance a mouth guard and it is effective.  But not all mouth guards are created equal.  It is important to have one made by a dental professional to be sure of the fit.

If you suffer from this problem or if it is diagnosed to you during your examination, this simple yet effective appliance will be a game changer for you.

Sleep Apnea Appliance / Snore Guard

Many people suffer from some form of sleep apnea.  This is when you do not get enough oxygen during sleep due to some obstruction by the windpipe. In some it is minor causing some form of snoring and in others the blockage is very significant causing the person to stop breathing all together for a moment. In the more severe cases a person will go for a sleep study to determine the ramification of this problem.  However, many times it is self diagnosed by our spouses, partners and friends who tell us we snore or most commonly hit you to stop the snoring.

There is a solution and it is an appliance made here at our office.  It is a form of mouth guard that positions your lower jaw in a way that allows for unobstructed airflow stopping the snoring.  For those who have a CPAP machine and still need additional help, this guard can be worn under the mask allowing for better positive air flow.

It will most definitely help everyone get a better sleep.

Athletic Mouthguard

It is common to see mouthguards in sports from middle school athletes to the pros. Not only are they made to protect the teeth from accidental contact, but from the intentional contact as well.  We are seeing it worn in many non-traditional sports such as basketball, baseball and soccer.

We are able to make a custom mouthguard to fit your teeth, your sport and your team colors.  Many times communication is needed and a one size fit all guard just doesn’t do the trick.  Let us make your next team sports mouth guard!

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