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Root Canal Therapy

When the nerve of a tooth is decaying or infected, the root of a tooth is affected and root canal therapy is needed. There are times that deep restorations or even trauma occurs to a tooth and can cause the pulp to be damaged to the point it needs root canal therapy to be done. When this happens the pulp then becomes infected, and sometimes can even extend through the root tip and then begin to eat away at the surrounding bone. That is known as an abscess. When the pulp of a tooth is infected, it can’t heal on its own. Signs and symptoms of this infected pulp can include severe tooth pain, tenderness around a specific tooth,  pain to biting or any kind of pressure, a bad taste in the mouth, or sensitivity to hot and cold.  Sometimes there can be no symptoms and the patient is unaware until a checkup occurs. Root canal therapy is used to save the tooth, the living tissue inside the tooth which is known as the pulp, nerves, and bacteria.  Any decay is removed in the tooth and the resulting space is filled with dental materials that are special and medicated. These materials restore the tooth to its full function. Root canal therapy is a therapy that is extremely successful and can last a lifetime.

Best Root Canal Therapy Treatment Options

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful and How Long Does it Take?

With today’s advanced analgesics and technology, root canal therapy doesn’t hurt. The whole process can be so comfortable that many patients actually doze off during it. Sometimes, root canal therapy is completed in one single appointment. The diseased canal is cleaned out and then filled with a biologically-inert substance, then it’s sealed from further infection, and you’re all done and on your way. In most cases, the pain that is the indicator telling a person that they need a root canal is usually worse than any pain actually experienced during the actual procedure. When the infected pulp is removed, it naturally relieves pain. Most cases, the patient will only feel discomfort in the beginning during the application of anesthetic.  There are some people that are mostly scared to go and need a root canal done because they are afraid that it is a very long procedure. They worry that it will keep them away from their work, family, and all other obligations they may have. The actual length of time for a root canal depends on the tooth itself. Some teeth only have one canal and some may have more. The molars have three and even four sometimes. Whatever tooth needs the root canal done, the procedure for the best root canal will only take one visit. Most patients should plan on spending up to 90 minutes for a root canal procedure.

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