Artista Dental Studio and Dr. Joseph Manfredi would like to welcome all new patients to the practice! As a first time patient, we would like to offer you a Cleaning, Dental Exam and Xrays for $145 (Normal Price $395)

To Our New Patients

Many people do not acknowledge the need for regular visits to their dentist to aid in maintaining and enhancing their overall oral health. There are others who are absolutely afraid of making trips to the dentist. In reality, visiting your dentist regularly has many benefits. It is vital to understand that dental problems don’t become evident or painful until they reach an advanced stage. Unfortunately, many dental problems are irreversible. Here at Artista Dental Studio, we continue to educate our patients on the seriousness of good oral health and help those patients with dental phobia or anxiety by offering Nitrous Oxide and relaxation techniques.

Dr. Joseph Manfredi at Artista Dental Studio in Midtown, New York is an expert implant and top restorative dentist who will take an all-inclusive approach to dental maintenance. Dental implants are Dr. Joseph Manfredi’s expertise and he is dedicated to helping restore your smile and confidence. Whether it be a patient requesting fixed bridges, dentures, or single tooth restoration, we are fervent to help you create the smile you have always yearned for.

Why Artista Dental Studio?


Our team of dentists and  dental hygienists have many years of experience in the dental care industry. They are competent professionals who have all it takes to provide first class results to cater to all types of dental complications. If you are pursuing more information about dental implants in Manhattan, we will put forth our best effort to answer questions you may have and follow-up to discuss the best treatment options for each individual patient


We are aware that it can be a daunting task to find the best implant dentist in Manhattan. Patients normally have many questions that consist of pricing of dental implants to questions about what happens during the procedure. We will always give our patients time to ask about their options and procedures that are suitable for their situation.

Latest Dental Technology

Furthermore, we work in aggregation with our best implant specialists who will be placing these implants, creating an even more customized treatment. Depending on the exertion of each patient’s oral situation, we also use the latest technology in 3D imaging to help in deciding the best solution for the most effective and complete remedy needed. Whatever your situation may be, our ultimate goal is for you to leave our office with a gleaming smile.

We will tailor a custom treatment plan for each individual patient and educate them about what the treatment will include while still providing options that will meet your budget. With our expert knowledge and approach to care, we are able to offer options that differentiate to adjust to your financial plans. At Artista Dental Studio, we truly believe in providing our patients with quality dental care in Manhattan.

Dental Anxiety / Phobia

Many patients do not like coming in for their dental visits.  We don’t take it personal but we do know how to handle our phobic or anxious patients.  Many times it comes down to a simple word – trust.  We will do our best to earn your trust each and every visit.  However, there are some basic techniques we will employ to help ease our patients into their treatment.  Additionally we offer Nitrous Oxide and in severe cases medication for visits.  Our well trained staff can help you in each and every way!

Our New Address

37 East 28th Street #800
(Between Park Ave South and Madison Ave)
New York, NY 10016

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