Best Orthodontics Treatments In Gramercy Park

One option our patients have for the best orthodontics treatments is traditional braces.  We do not offer metal braces, only tooth color braces to lessen any cosmetic concession.  The advantage of this type of braces is that the braces are constantly working on improving the alignment of your teeth. It never stops working and because of that fact the working time can be shorter than that of detachable braces.  More inclusive orthodontic work must be completed with traditional braces.

Gramercy Park Orthodontics Treatment Options

Another top orthodontics treatment option that we offer is Invisalign, which is a detachable orthodontic procedure in which clear trays are made to be worn over your teeth to slowly correct misaligned teeth, spaces, or crowding. At Artista Dental Studio, we use clear tray orthodontics to help patients get the cosmetic results they have longed for.  It will usually go unnoticeable by your peers, making this a great cosmetic option for anyone wanting to align their teeth correctly.  It is recommended and normally required to wear clear tray orthodontics almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get best quality results.

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