Implant Restoration
Dental Implant Restorations

Once a dental Implant is placed in the mouth and healed, it is time to restore the dental implant. This is the part many people are waiting for, getting teeth in the mouth to help eat, smile or to refurbish their bite.

There are many different ways that an implant can be restored and at Artista Dental Studio we will tailor the restoration to each and every patient.  Shape, size, color and material are all considered at the time of the design.  When rebuilding a patient’s bite or smile it may take additional visits to be sure that the feel and cosmetics are up to Dr. Manfredi’s high standards.  Ultimately the patient must be happy as well, only then will the final product be placed in the mouth.

Maintenance of Dental Implant Restorations

Many people understand the need to maintain their smile with everyday dental hygiene, but it is just as important to come in at least every 6 months for a dental cleaning and exam.  It is at this time that Dr. Manfredi can check his work and make sure everything is being cared for properly and the mouth is accepting of the new dental implant restoration.

At home patients should be bruising and flossing their dental implants just like natural teeth.  Other times it may be recommended to use a waterpik to get into those hard to reach areas and keep everything clean and healthy.  If you are making the investment into your mouth, it is important to maintain that investment in your smile to be sure it lasts a lifetime!


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