Gramercy Park Dentistry – TMJ Treatment


The jaw and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to most people is simply a joint that opens and closes when we talk, eat, yawn, and so on but it’s actually so much more than that. The jaw joint connects to many different other parts within the body. Some of these connections include the skull, spine, and teeth. The TMJ is made up of a lot of different bones, tendons, nerves, and muscles that all have to be working properly and in the right alignment in order to function correctly. The jaw system is a very delicate one because it is connected to so many different musculoskeletal systems. So that means when something is wrong with it, the imbalance can potentially lead to other bodily problems.

TMJ and Jaw Alignment Issues

When the TMJ is not aligned properly because of an incorrect bite, then that can cause a patient to suffer from a ton of different symptoms that will all point towards TMJ Disorder (TMD). Unfortunately, this disorder can bring about a lot of discomfort and pain for all patients.

There is a constant pressure that is put on the jaw bones when someone has TMJ disorder. It also puts pressure on the nerves, and especially muscles. Jaw or neck plain can be the result from all of this pressure. The reason why this strain even exists is because the human body is naturally programmed to try to put the TMJ back into balance and to find a restful position for our teeth to come together. This causes even more pressure which then leads to even more pain and more discomfort.

TMJ – Treatment Options in Gramercy Park

When it comes to treatment, there are many options but here are the two main methods that are used. Many physicians, healthcare providers, and even dentists will either want to treat the symptoms or will want to use surgery to fix the misaligned jaw. Because of advances in technology, dentists now actually have the ability to treat the source that is causing TMJ symptoms. This approach is much more conservative and is proven to work reliably for many patients. Dentists are now using pinpoint solutions to figure out exactly where the pain is located. Most dentists are now using advanced technologies like the TENS system to examine a patient’s jaw and then determine where your ideal bite is.

There is a neuromuscular orthotic, which is also called a bite splint that dentists are starting to use.This allows them to then adjust your bite to the new ideal position. This helps to ensure that the jaw bone and all of the joints are in proper alignment which also means that everything has proper balance and total relaxation for the TMJ. This bite splint is such a great method to getting rid of any and all TMJ symptoms that cause you pain and any discomfort.