The Ten Best Electronic Toothbrushes 

There is nothing like having that satisfying feeling that our teeth are always clean. This does not happen as a surprise to us; rather we earn it after using the right toothbrush. It is known that we are supposed to brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day. We only wished that the commandment accompanied a list of best toothbrushes to use. If you have ever used an electronic toothbrush before, you are going to feel the change while using these ten best electronic toothbrushes. Remember when it comes to brushing your teeth, nothing is best unless it brings comfort and cleanness of your teeth.  


  1. Philips Diamond Clean Smart Sonic

If you are the type who likes high-tech products, then this is a brush for you. It uses sensors to detect over brushing, and it can track your brushing location. Of course, with the technology, this brush leaves your teeth very clean. 


  1. Oral B Genius

 The unique thing about this brush is that it has a setting for sensitive teeth or gum. You do not have to worry about the speed of the machine. It leaves your teeth smooth and clean.  


  1. Philips SonicareFlexcare

This is another product of Philips, which is light in weight, hence, you can hold it comfortably. It makes your teeth sparkling. You probably can’t wait to smile after using this type of brush.  


  1. SonicareDiamondclean

This is a slim toothbrush that is lightweight, which make it comfortable to hold while brushing. It has ceramic finishing, making it super clean and appealing. Of course, appearance of the brush matters. 


  1. BruzzoniBlack Wall Street 

This brush has amazing stylish design and has a powerful brushing head to give the best experience. It can be charged by using either USB or plug in.  


  1. Foreo Issa Hybrid  

It is a long plastic electronic toothbrush made of silicon and thermoplastic. It also is made of very soft bristles to suit those with sensitive gums.  

  1. Panasonic Sonic Vibration EW-DE92 Ionic

It is the type of a brush, which delivers thorough cleanliness with it oscillating-rotating brushes. The good thing with this brush is that its battery can last for a long time.  


  1. Whitewash Laboratories Rotating Power

Those of us who have a habit of over brushing, this brush is for you. It has a timer, which allows you to brush for two minutes. It also has adjustments, which are suited for both normal and sensitive teeth. 


  1. Superdrug Advanced Clean

This is another rotating-oscillating brush, which leaves both your teeth and gum super clean. It has a timer to remind you when your two minutes brushing time is over. 

  1. Colgate ProClinical 250+

It is a powerful electronic brush, it is small, making it convenient to carry. It is also suitable for those of us who like travelling. It prevents plaque more than the manual brush. This brush is set to only one speed.  

These are the ten best electronic brushes that Artista Dental recommends for you. More than likely, you are now going to make your choice on the next brush for your brushing experience. Everyone has something to consider, and the choices above have unique features for you. This feature may be comfort while brushing, weight or even battery life.