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If you’re looking to reconstruct your smile, then the application of porcelain veneers is certainly one resourceful technique you can use. Veneers are used in fixing broken, kinked, discolored and spaced out front teeth. Porcelain veneers are generally very costly and many individuals end up worried if they are worth the expense.

Porcelain veneers are an appealing option because they look and feel like an actual tooth. An additional benefit is that they require minimal attention and maintenance for them to stay in their new condition. They are resilient to discoloration which gives it an edge over human teeth. The sturdiness of the veneers is generally high. However, the better care you give them the longer they will last.

The following are tips of making them last longer:

Never Use Them on Rigid Non-Food Materials

Just like the case in human teeth rigid non-food products like pens and wood can destroy the veneers. They can also be fractured or broken but this rarely happens. Using the veneers to open up bottle tops as well as grinding about the same place will deteriorate them with time. Like human teeth destruction is additionally likely to occur in the event that it’s used on ice frequently.

Proper Maintenance of Porcelain Veneers

Much like is the case with ordinary teeth, food deposits might cause bacteria build up on the teeth and because of this, proper oral cleanliness must be observed. Seeing the dentist for regular checkups is a sure way to avoid infectious diseases in addition to brushing your teeth every day. Failure to eliminate plaque can lead to tartar forming and will require the attention of a dentist to get rid of it. It is certain that taking precautionary measures including regular checkups will prevent future problems to your teeth.

Eat and Drink All Types of Food

The advantage of using the porcelain veneer is that you don’t have to worry about the type of foods or drinks you consume. Things that are known to discolor teeth such as carbonated drinks and some foods will not have the same results on the veneers. This is a major advantage porcelain veneers over dental bonding. Bonding is a lower cost technique of fixing the teeth although it has the disadvantage of being tarnished with time. The color pattern of your teeth will always be maintained as the veneers will offer protection to the incisors from stains of any kind.

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