Best Orthodontics Treatment Options in Gramercy Park

The best orthodontics treatments are very predictable and highly successful.  Depending on the patient’s problems and of the bad bite or irregularity, orthodontic treatments can occur in either two or three distinct phases.

There are several types of irregularities that include:

  • Overbite – In this situation, the upper teeth will protrude further than or even completely cover the lower teeth.
  • Underbite – In this situation, the lower teeth will protrude further than the upper teeth and will cause the chin to look prominent.
  • Crossbite – In this situation, some of the upper teeth can close inside the lower teeth instead of on the outside.
  • Overcrowding – There’s not enough room on the arch and that causes some adult teeth to erupt incorrectly and become rotated.

The Phases of Orthodontics Treatments

Usually, the best orthodontic treatment in Gramercy Park takes between six and thirty months to complete and it depends on the patient.  Treatment time will usually depend on the classification of the problem and also the type of dental devices that are used to correct it and also the perseverance of the patient.

Here is an overview of the three major stages of treatment:

Phase 1 – The Planning Stage

  • Medical and dental evaluations – In most cases problems that are physical and dental problems both tend to go hand in hand.  Problems in the oral cavity can lead to be caused by many medical problems.  The main goal of this evaluation is to make sure that prior medical and dental issues are completely under control before the treatment even begins.
  • Study model – In this phase, the patient is asked to bite down into a dental tray filled with a gel like substance and it hardens around the teeth.  Once the trays are removed, the study models enable the orthodontist to evaluate and look at the position of each tooth, and how it relates to the other teeth.
  • Panoramic X-rays – X-rays are used as tools for viewing certain potential complications or existing damage to the jaw joint.  X-rays can also allow the orthodontist to see the exact position of each tooth and the tooth’s root.
  • Photographs – Most top orthodontists in Gramercy Park like to take photographs of the teeth before and after treatment begin.

Phase 2 – The Active Phase

The above diagnostic tools are then used to diagnosis and also create a customized treatment plan.  The orthodontist will then recommend the custom orthodontic device that should be used to fix the teeth into proper alignment.

Phase 3: The Retention Phase

Once the teeth are correctly aligned and fixed, all of the devices will be removed and finished.  A retainer will then be made by the orthodontist. The retainer is used to make sure the teeth do not begin to shift back. A retainer will need to be worn for a specific amount of time during the day or night to ensure this.