Porcelain Veneers
Many times we get patients coming into the office wanting to get information about how they can change the appearance of their smile to look whiter, straighter, or mouth youthful.  As we age our teeth can look too short from long term wear, show more root structure from recession, begin shifting from bone loss, become darker from enamel loss, or look mismatched from old dentistry performed over the years by multiple dentists.
In these instances I suggest a Cosmetic Smile Analysis. We sit down to discuss what is bothering you about your smile and I can tailor a cosmetic plan that will remedy the issues bothering you about your smile.  It is important to note that the solution for one patient may not be the same for another due to many different factors.  Additionally, it is important to be able to plan cosmetically for a result the will not only fit the age of the person, but their facial features and smile.
In our office we offer a Free Consultation to discuss your cosmetic desires and how we can get you to where you want your smile to be.  Once we determine what we want to do, we then will design the new smile on a model so you can see it first hand.  We also offer you a chance to envision your new smile in your mouth with a temporary material.  This all allows you to decide before actually do physical work in your mouth.  It also gives you the patient a chance to give personal input on the design of your new smile.
Once we agree to what we are doing, only then will we begin the treatment in your mouth. And then you are off to smile confidently with your new teeth! If you are interested in a Cosmetic Smile Analysis with Dr. Manfredi, reach out to our office for your free consultation.

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