Five Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth From Artista Dental Studio in Grammercy Park

We all want healthy, sparkling teeth, especially during the summertime when we’ll be out and about having a great time. Unfortunately, we also tend to do some unhealthy things when it comes to dental hygiene in the summer – for instance, drinking an excessive amount of carbonated beverages will not result in your best smile! In this post, the Dr. Manfredi from Artista Dental Studio will help you know how to maintain a healthy set of teeth this summer with five essential tips.

1. Drink Plenty of Water
Our first tip is something you’ve probably heard before, but it’s repeated so often because of how vital it is: drink plenty of water. The main culprit in causing unhealthy teeth is plaque which is mostly created by bacteria. Keeping your mouth moist by drinking at least the amount of water required to stay hydrated will help stop the spread of these bacteria in its tracks, which can even have the secondary effect of improving your breath.

2. Drink Tap Water
When drinking water, you should choose tap water over bottled water, as this fluoridated water actually strengthens your enamel. Just as the main culprit in causing unhealthy teeth is the plaque created by bacteria, enamel is each individual tooth’s primary defense against these bacteria; stronger enamel protects your teeth from decay, so anything we can do to strengthen the enamel or avoid to keep from weakening it will be helpful.

3. Skip the bubbly, fizzy drinks
It’s quite tempting to drink carbonated beverages, especially during the summer. Even if you’re at a party or barbecue and it’s incredibly hot, do your best to opt for water or juice instead of soda. As mentioned earlier, strong enamel protects your teeth from potential damage, but the acid in carbonated beverages has the effect of wearing down enamel, causing your pearly-whites to be at higher risk of decay.

4. If drinking a carbonated beverage, use a straw
As the saying goes, “All things in moderation” – therefore, if you find you must have a carbonated drink (drinking them sparingly should not present any major problems), be sure to use a straw. This helps dull the effects of the acid in these drinks on your enamel by reducing contact with your teeth. You can also reduce the acid’s contact with your teeth by drinking the carbonated beverage relatively quickly instead of leisurely sipping it down over a longer period of time.

5. Drink tea more often
Tea has a number of health benefits and has been demonstrated to keep teeth healthy. Perhaps you could even consider substituting tea for coffee (which has other negative effects on oral health, especially bad breath!) or the carbonated beverages that you might otherwise be drinking. Tea contains compounds that suppress the bacteria that cause plaque and drinking it regularly has been shown to slow the development of tooth decay and gum disease. However, resist the temptation to add sugar, as too much sugar is obviously another thing that won’t help your teeth.

We here at Artista Dental Studio hope that this list has helped you out, and wish you the best of luck in maintaining healthy teeth this summer and beyond! For help getting that bright smile through teeth whitening, call our expert cosmetic dentist today!