Case Study

Our expert cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Manfredi, has prepared a series of case studies that we will highlight to show the professional work he can do. This is the first case study.

This patient presented with many missing teeth and a bite that was severely collapsed. His upper jaw and lower teeth were hitting each other because he had no lower back teeth to give him a proper bite. Additionally, because of this issue, he was wearing down his lower front teeth and irritating his gums. This was due to a lack of posterior teeth (premolars and molars) for a long period of time and then the dentures that were made for him weren’t done properly which exacerbated the issue.

If his gums continued to become irritated it could cause more severe gum disease.

Additionally, by wearing his teeth down further they wouldn’t be useful to eat and they could become infected.

This condition also caused everyday issues. He was able to eat, but not eat the foods he wanted which lead to loss of weight. Also, he wasn’t confident in his appearance, which resulted in lower self-esteem and frequent withdraw from others.

To properly fix this cosmetic and functional issue, we needed to give this patient posterior teeth, four on one side and 5 on the other side. There were several treatment options: dental implants, crowns, and removable dentures.

By using dental implants, the dentures are more secure and don’t put stress on the existing teeth. Alternatively, you could use dental implants for something permanent that doesn’t get removed in the mouth, like a bridge or crowns. Dental implants are a superior product with longevity, strength and cosmetics. The drawbacks on dental implants are the time it takes to complete the treatment, not every patient is an ideal candidate, and it is more costly and not always covered by insurance.

For this patient’s condition, we decided to go with crowns and a removable denture. He needed crowns on his existing teeth because they were worn down, the crowns would help support the new dentures, and they would cosmetically fit the bite better.

Treatment time was little over one month. His initial visit was a consultation; the next visit was confirmation of the treatment plan. Once the treatment plan was in place, the physical work took 5 weeks. The first visit dealt with preparing the teeth, taking impressions and measurements. The following visit was trying in the crowns and fitting the dentures. The last visit was inserting the dentures and crowns.

Not only did we get his smile looking much better, he is now able to eat the foods he enjoys. It is simple to see that this smile needed to be corrected, but it’s the “how” that is exciting and important. If you need more information on dental implants, crowns, dentures, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures, call Artista Dental Studio for a free consultation.